Supernatural Transformation by Divine Encounter


Supernatural Transformation by Divine Encounter

I welcome you to the wonderful month of February 2015. We give thanks to almighty God for His presence with us in the month of January which culminated in undeniable proofs of signs, wonders and miracles in our lives.
The theme for the month of February is “Supernatural Transformation by Divine Encounter”. The scripture focus is Exodus 3:1-15.
The man called Moses encountered the living God, and his life was supernaturally transformed and he became a wonder to himself and his generation. His encounter came while running errands for his father-in-law. God will visit you massively this month.
Resultant Effects of Divine Encounters are:
1. Fulfilled Promises: The promises and covenant of God are fulfilled. This month, all the promises of God in your life shall be fulfilled. Isaiah 34:16-17, Genesis 21: 1-6, Proverbs 24:13-14. The almighty God shall make you laugh this month in Jesus name.
2. Season of Visitation: Moses was visited alone, by the angel, so get ready this month as God will visit your family, your home, career, and business in Jesus name.
3. Season of Change: Moses was transformed from a natural Moses to a supernatural Moses, a former fugitive to a deliverer. You are the next person. I prophesy to your life before the end of this month that everybody around you shall know that the living God has visited you in Jesus mighty name.
4. Miracles: The rod in the hand of Moses became the rod of god after he encountered God. (Exodus 4:2, Exodus 4:20) to perform signs and wonders in Egypt. This means God will perform special miracles in your life; whatsoever you touch shall prosper. I see God doing notable miracles in your life in Jesus mighty name. (Acts 4:16)
5. Season of Revival: God revived the ministry of Moses and commissioned him as a deliverer. I decree that whatsoever dreams that were abandoned in the past and the ones enemies forced you to abandon will all be revived by this divine encounter. No more abandoned projects and marital issues shall be revived and every dream killers shall be destroyed in Jesus mighty name.
6. Unchallengeable Dominion: God made Moses a god over Pharaoh in Exodus 7:1. For anyone reading this prayer with prophecy, God will make you to enjoy unparalleled and unchallengeable dominion over all the forces of wickedness in Jesus’s name. You will command and decree a thing and it shall be established. The stranger will hear your voice and bow, sickness and diseases shall all bow. It shall be your season of unchallengeable dominion over the forces of wickedness.
7. Acceptance: Where you have been rejected and despised in the past, it will be your season of show off there.
8. Favor: Moses encountered the living God, and he received the rewards those that diligently seek Him. Through him the hard labor of the Israelites were converted into favor overnight. It is your turn to be favored. I see major debts cancellation for you this month of February.
9. No Human Limitations: God overrode Moses excuses of incompetency and complaints. This month of divine encounter, your own shortcomings and human limitations will be set aside in Jesus’ name. The glory of God shall be revealed in Jesus name.
(Exodus 4:10, 1 Cor 1:18-31).
10. Exemption from Destruction: The children of Israel were exempted from all destruction and calamities that happened to Pharaoh’s families. I decree your entire family shall be exempted from all evil in this month of February. The blood of Jesus shall protect your going out and coming in in Jesus name. (Psalm 91:1-16, Proverbs 10:18)
11. Sudden Blessings: Divine encounters always lead to sudden occurrences of good news so get ready for your sudden blessings, promotions and enthronement in Jesus name.

Finally brethren, I beseech you to be expectant and full of thanksgiving for all God will do in your lives this month. I pray that God will give you a discernment of when your encounter will come so that you are able to fully partake of the blessings for this month. Remain blessed in Jesus mighty name. Jesus is Lord!

Remain ever blessed!

Pastor Mike Olawale


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