Welcome to Christ Dominion Church of God International.

In compliance with the State of Maryland and Prince George’s county directive for 50% in-persons sanctuary capacity, we are glad to welcome our members to the house of worship beginning from July 5th, 2020.

Please be informed that you are strongly encouraged to continue an online services if you have:
1) Medical Concern
2) Elderly over 60 yrs
3) Children under the ages of Ten (10yrs)
4) Cold or Fever Symptoms

Government / CDC reopening of the house of worship regulations would be properly observed such as:
Social distancing
Wearing of mask.
Washing of hands
Use of Hand sanitizer as needed
Spacing of seats (please leave two seats between you and the next person).

Our Recovery and Repositioning teams will be assisting you in following all the
guidelines when you arrive for worship.
The church has also taken some steps like:
1) Deep cleansing and disinfecting of the sanctuary before and after the service.
2) Installing hand sanitizer devices in some locations in the church.
3) Masks are also available for those who will need them for the service.
4) We also encourage all our giving through the church website and church apps.
5) Sanctuary has also been arranged to accommodate social distancing.
6) We have also installed smart T.V with all this information on screen, please take time to watch as you arrive for the service.

We are praying for all our entire families, friends and the Nation in general for
protection and peace during this uncertain time and always.

For further information, prayers and counseling, please call our Recovery and
Repositioning team on 301- 882- 2188.

God bless you as you come worshipping with us.


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