First and foremost, I want to thank Almighty God for moving all of us into year 2020 with no life lost during year 2019, thank you Lord the keeper of life. Father you have done it again, thank you for all the undeniable, ‘proof- able’ and tangible testimonies.


Thank you Lord for all the testimonies of exemption, and the preservation of lives and properties throughout the year. Thank you for the new marriages, and terminations of barrenness that ushered in various miracle babies. Thank you for the healing and deliverances, glory and honor to your name for uncountable approvals of contracts and government approvals. Thank you for your presence in all our gatherings, services and conferences. Father thank you for confirming your words with signs, wonders and miracles following.


Fullness connotes the state or quality of containing all that is wanted, needed or possible. In Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body. By receiving Christ into your lives, all the fullness of God lives inside you (Eph 3:19). God’s love finds complete expression only in Christ (Col 2:9-10). In union with Christ and through His empowering Spirit, we are complete. In Christ we lack nothing, have nothing to lose, and have nothing to fear. We have all the fullness of God available to us.

Colossians 2:10 says “ye are complete in Him (or, “you are filled by Him”). Believers have been filled by Jesus with all spiritual blessings they need; hence, they are “complete” and lacking nothing.

My sincere and urgent prayer for all that come across this simple material is that you will move from shadows of ‘religious’, ‘cultural’ or traditional perceptions into the fullness of Christ in year 2020 in Jesus name. The fullness of the God-head shall manifest in your lives in year 2020, it shall indeed be your own year of overflow of abundance with evidences of nothing missing and nothing broken in Jesus name. Let your fire to love God be re-fired and rekindled in order to see the manifestations of His fullness (Eph 3:12). Adequate preparation for full manifestation of His Fullness is not negotiable if you desire to see it fulfilled in your life.


Therefore, I encourage you to take full advantage of this year’s 21 days prayer and fasting spiritual exercise with utmost seriousness and undivided attention, by engaging in searching for divine instructions through the pages of the scriptures, for areas you desire God’s fullness in year 2020. Be sure you are among the five wise people that will run a successful race in year 2020 and beyond. I see you fulfilled and manifesting His fullness in year 2020 in Jesus name.


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