Starting year 2017 with God.

Starting year 2017 with God.

I would like to welcome you to year 2017: Our year of exceeding greatness on every side. I am so excited because I know the Lord had packaged a lot of great and mighty things for us to enjoy every single day of the year. (Psalms 68:19). The Lord is faithful and true to His promises. I am confident that He will fulfil His agenda and plan for every individual (Jeremiah 29:11) because He Has the capability to make it happen. (Ephesian 3:20)
The promises of God are available to everyone but unfortunately, not everyone partakes out of the provision and blessing that is made available. I pray that you will partake out of every of the blessings made available to you this year 2017 in Jesus name but you must position yourself to receive the blessings. No matter how many new year’s resolution you have made, until you phantom God into it, your resolution will not yield anything productive. Therefore, break the circle of frustration this year by positioning yourself to enjoy God’s agenda fully by determining to do the following:
1. Seek to deepen your relationship with God.
Get involved with God and God will get involved with your life. Continually fellowship with him in worship and prayer, and in dwelling in His words. (Psalm 63:1-5, John 15:4-5)
2. Total obedience to the kingdom principles.
The kingdom of God operates by principles that leave you with responsibilities. Take hold of your responsibilities and do your part in total obedience to the word of God. Partial obedience is total disobedience so ensure that you obey God all the way. (Deuteronomy 28:1-14, 1 Samuel 15:22)
3. Unwavering faith in the word of God.
No matter the challenge that may come your way, stand strong and stand firm on the word of God with the believe and total trust that God’s word cannot fail. (Hebrew 6:18, 1 Samuel 15:29, James 1: 6-7)
4. Active engagement in kingdom services.
Serve the Lord tirelessly with your time, talent, resources and all that you have. Serve the Lord diligently and faithfully for your service to be acceptable before God. (Exodus 23:25-28, Matthew 6:33).
5. Genuine and unconditional love for God and other people.
The true demonstration of your love for God is by loving others despite their shortcomings. Be a destiny helper and not a destiny killer. Make a positive impact in the life of anyone that comes across your path. Let go of offenses and forgive those that offend you so that you are not hindered in anyway this year. (1 John 4:20-21, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 1 Corinthians 2:9)
Brethren, it is not enough to just plan but I pray that the God of all grace will release the grace upon your life and empower you to implement them and be a doer in Jesus name. (James 1:22-23) You shall not be left behind in this agenda of exceeding greatness in Jesus name. God bless you.
Pastor Olori.