Dominion Bible School

The Dominion Bible School was created for the purpose of providing Christian believers, teachers, administrators and pastors with both fundamental and foundational “Word of God” principles for critical spiritual growth and development.   Hence, each course was designed specifically for the purposes listed below.

Target Group 1 Newborn Christian Believers
Target Group 2 Seasoned Christian Believers
Target Group 3 Destiny Focused Christian Believers
Target Group 4 Christian Leaders, Administrators and Pastors


  1. To assist and prepare students to reach their goals, objectives, potential and destiny-related endeavors through the proper application of the word of God;
  2. To equip students with solid Biblical truths and doctrines that make for an impactful and fruitful Christian life;
  3. To focus on practical biblical applications that will enhance student knowledge and assist students in becoming well “rooted and grounded” in the Word of God;
  4. To adequately prepare students for successful Christian living in both their personal lives and their lives in the public arena; thereby fulfilling there obligation to become the “Salt of the Earth.”
  5. To explore and impart God ordained spiritual wisdom and gifts that will equip the students with sound “Biblical Truths” and “Sound Discipline” in order for them to become Life-Changing Ambassadors of Christ;
  6. To provide students with rich, sound, and rewarding scriptural knowledge that will enhance their overall knowledge, interest and zeal for the Word and Promises of God; and
  7. To maintain a core staff of anointed men and women of God from Christ Dominion Church and other ministries who ensure student success, growth and development. They will share a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and life-transforming experiences and testimonies that will empower students and usher them to a higher level of faith, commitment, and personal achievement.

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