Dominion Bible School Beliefs

We believe that whether you are a “new” born-again believer or “a long-time” follower of Jesus Christ, you still need to have a deeper understanding of the Word of God. We believe in all the basic foundational and scriptural principles that emanate from the Word of God. Therefore, we firmly believe that:

  1. The Holy Bible is the Final Authority of God’s Word;
  2. The Holy Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit of God;
  3. The Word of God is All-Sufficient, Complete and Settled;
  4. Jesus Christ is the Rock of our “Christian” Foundation;
  5. The “New Birth” and “The Water of the New Birth” are significant factors in the process of being born again;
  6. There are several benefits in knowing the word of God: Physical, Mental, Revelatory and many other Life-Sustaining Benefits; and that
  7. There are many Biblical Truths as to why Salvation is Great for all of Mankind.

Our mission is to impart wisdom, knowledge and understanding unto our students in order that they may excel in their spiritual foundation, growth and development. In addition, we impart the type of knowledge and principles that will affect a change in character development, relationships and lifestyles. Thus, our all-encompassing mission is to prepare our students to make a difference in their lives, home, neighborhoods, the market place ministry and throughout the Kingdom of God worldwide!

Our vision is to impart students with complete spiritual knowledge through the practical teaching and application of the Word of God, thereby making them more effective vessels of God. We aim to make our students the type of “Gospel Reformers” who will begin to do exploits in the respective areas of their God-given talents, skills, calling and ministry.

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