Dominion Bible School Graduation Requirement

Upon completion of the Dominion Bible School, each student will be awarded a “Certificate of Accomplishment” based on the requirements and guidelines listed below:

Each student must:
1. Attend all classes as scheduled;
2. Pass all course requirements as assigned throughout the course;
3. Submit all 8 Project Papers (1 for each course).
4. Maintain the proper attitude and workmanship required for successful completion of the program; and
5. Pay the designated Graduation Activity Fee as determined and announced closer to the graduation period.

Standard Operating Procedures for The Course Project Papers
At the end of each course, each student is required to write a Project Paper (Written Report) as follows:
1. Complete a typed-written report on each course of instruction.
2. Submit the Project Paper no later than two weeks after the particular course has been completed.
3. Include the following:

  • a. Your full name and date of submission; and
  • b. The complete title of the course.

4. Compose the Project Paper as follows:

  • a. Write about the information you learned;
  • b. Write about areas for improvement that you could implement in your own life; and
  • c. Develop action plans for the areas of improvement.

1. Not more than three absences are allowed throughout the duration of the courses.
2. Excessive lateness will not be tolerated.
3. Students who miss more than one class will be required to attend “a make-up class” before graduation.
4. A formal graduation ceremony will take place upon successful completion of the program. (The Graduation Activity Fee shall be determined and announced closer to the graduation period.)

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