The Children’s Department

President: Senior Pastor
Youth Church Overall Supervisor (Youth & Children):
Pastor Olori Olawale
Resident Pastor: Pastor William Benjamin
Youth Choir Director: Mojisola Salau
Assistant Youth Choir Director: Favor Johnson
Children’s Department Coordinator: Pastor Oby Adewale
Assistant Children’s Department Director: Deaconess Ruth Okubanjo

The various staff members of the Children’s Department are responsible for facilitating activities between the main adult church and the youth church. An assigned minister shall be responsible for directing smooth operations and traffic between the main adult church and the youth church. In addition, the Children’s Department Staff should work closely with the Resident Pastor and the Youth Development Director.

CDC Ministry Categories for Infants, Nursery, Youth, and Young Adult Ministries

Age Category Ministry Area
1 Infants – 2 years Infant Nursery Category
2 3-9 Primary Youth Category
3 10-17 Youth Ministry Category: Dominion Youth Ministry
3A 10-13 Junior Youth Ministry Category
3B 14-17 Senior Youth Ministry Category
4 18-21 Young Adult Ministry Category: Adult Church

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