Programs & Activities

DYM.YOP.01 – Youth Officers Program
The Youth Officers Program is designed specifically for the nurturing and mentorship of our youth in the areas of leadership responsibilities. The Youth Development Director, in collaboration with the Youth Governing Board, shall nominate candidates for leadership positions. Each leader shall represent our youth in the areas of programs and activities of interest and other relevant matters pertinent to youth growth and development. They shall be responsible for research and development, data gathering, and proper communication of ideas, programs, and activities.

Youth Officers

President Responsible for the overall leadership of the CDC-DYM youth group.
General Secretary Responsible for research and development, data gathering and records management/maintenance of all youth programs and activities.
Director of Communications & Publications Responsible for the proper communication and promotion of ideas, programs, and activities for all youth programs and events.

DYM.JAC.02 – Junior Ambassador’s Club
The Junior Ambassadors’ Club provides an avenue for our youth to learn about the character of Christ and how to exhibit the same qualities as they are to represent Christ in their daily lives. This program provides an avenue for our youth to become responsible, honest, God-fearing, and diligent in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations. As Christ’s Ambassadors on earth, our youth must realize that they represent Christ in the areas of their assignment. Therefore, they must be well informed of the duties and responsibilities of a true Christ-like Ambassador.

Junior Ambassadors must:
1. Be well informed of all that concerns the interests of the Kingdom of God and the Dominion Youth Ministry;
2. Be willing to assist and mentor, and or cross train other youth in the ministry, as required;
3. Maintain the most amicable relations with all visitors and members alike; and
4. Assist in the accomplishment of the overall vision and mission of DYM.

Each month, The Junior Ambassador Award will be given to both, a young man and a young lady who have exhibited Christ-like behavior and workmanship in Church, school, home, and community. The recipients of the Junior Ambassador Award will:
1. Receive a Junior Ambassadors’ Certificate of Honor; and
2. Be invited to the Main Sanctuary Service and honored by the Senior Pastor.

DYM.YWT.03 – Dominion Youth Witnessing Team
The Dominion Youth Witnessing Team is a program designed for our youth who will be trained and empowered to extend the love of Christ to other youth in our society. They will serve as volunteers in various community programs and events where they will make invaluable contributions. In particular, members of the team will be able to visit such localities as homeless shelters and juvenile delinquent facilities. In brief, they will provide material needs, emotional support, and encouragement to other youth whom they meet at these establishments.

DYM.BEC.04 – Bible Explorers’ Club
Bible Explorers’ Club is designed for the purpose of teaching our youth how to learn, study, and memorize various scriptures and lessons of the Holy Bible. In addition, the youth will learn how to utilize and apply biblical concepts to the daily routines of their lives, at school, at work, and in life in general. Each month, one member of the club, will receive The Bible Explorers’ Club of The Month Award which includes a certificate and other gifts as determined by the Resident Pastor.

DYM.IAP.05 – Youth Inter-Active Programs
Youth Inter-Active Programs include a number of planned outdoor recreational and social activities that provide an atmosphere of fun and social inter-action. Moreover, the programs shall provide opportunities for youth to participate in various Christian Conferences, Worships and Seminars. Such programs will serve as occasions for our youth to relax, interact with others, and enjoy life in a Christian-like manner.

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