Faith Statement

We believe in one God, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, the creator of all things as contained in the Holy Bible” or God’s word” (1John 5:7).

The divine inspiration and authority of the Holy Bible (1Timothy 3:16).

The necessity for repentance and regeneration, and eternal doom of the finally impenitent (John 3:16).

The virgin birth, sinless life atoning death, triumphant  resurrection, ascension, abiding intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ and His second coming (1Thessalonians 4:16-18).

Justification and sanctification of the believer through the finished work of Christ. (Romans 5:8; 1Corinthians 1:30).

The sacraments of baptism by immersion and of the Lord’s Supper (John 3:5; Romans 1-32; Luke 22:19-20; 1Corinthians 11:23-34).

The baptism of the Holy Ghost for believers with signs following (Acts 2:1-47).

The nine gifts of the Holy Ghost for the edification and comfort of the Church which is the body of Christ (1Corinthians 12:8-10).

We believe that redemption covers total benefits for us such as prosperity, successful living and abundance of all things, the work of miracles through faith in the Name of the Father,
The Son and The Holy Spirit as clearly written in the Bible and demonstrated severally by our Lord Jesus Christ during and after His earthly ministry.

Divine health and divine healing through obedience to the commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ and faith in His name and merit of His blood for all sicknesses, diseases and infirmities (Exodus 15:26; Isaiah 53:4-5; Matthew 4:23; Luke 9:11; 1Peter 2:24).

The covenant truth and obligatory commandment about tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:7-12).

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