Our Vision


The Lord spoke to me in a very audible and cool voice on December 4th 2003 at 10:58pm in the First Evangelical Church West Africa sanctuary Maryland Center.

He said “my son, I have created a new platform for you to demonstrate my power to deliver, restore, recreate and build me men and women of like-passion who I will use to bring my total dominion unto the uttermost parts of the world through the preaching of my word”.

I AM the founder (ALMIGHTY GOD), The Cornerstone of this great commission. Remember, I know you are inadequate, incapable and unlearned, but just obey and follow My Divine directions, leading and instructions.

I (ALMIGHTY GOD) shall lead you among the nations of the world like a fighting horse empowered to outrun and to dismantle all the forces of wickedness through the application of force of faith, saith the Lord of hosts. Armed with this divine instruction, a virgin was set to give birth to babies. This divine Institution was indeed confirmed by the word of God from 1 Cornthainas1:25-28.

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